As you start on your path, your awareness will increase. You'll become an ENERGY magnet and positive things will attract to you, just as negative

energy will be repelled. It's as if you've created your own force field and positive tractor beam. How great will it be when you can AMPLIFY the beauty in life and have irresistible energy?

    Soon your chi will flow unobstructed and you'll witness a remarkable changes. Have you ever experienced a miracle? If not, isn't it about time? Enter into this new awareness with increased energy.  

     Some how, some way you have been SELECTED to read this and this is not a coincidence. This program is a must for anyone that wants to reach their full potential. When you find out that everything that happens in your life is the result of how much energy you have, doesn't it make sense to find a way to increase your energy? Isn't it time you take action? The best time is NOW!


Ready for action. REady for adventure.

MInd Power training


    This is Matthew Barkevich, the creator of Mental Mind Force Volume 1 and How to be an Energy Samurai. After living and traveling overseas for six years

he returned to states armed with a NEW WAY. A direction that reclaimed the "Lost Secrets" and discovered new ones.

    His approach was guided by the Scientific Method: Tactics had to be repeatable and reliable. Some have called this approach the warrior's path or a modern day rite of passage.  


    It's a mindset that allows you to find your purpose. It gives you the ability to tap into a NEW dimension of energy. To reawaken your five senses. To radiate self-confidence, and be able to ENHANCE all situations with mental imagery.