Increase your Chi

with these DVD's

      What kind of services do we provide? We provide organized, concise DVDs with the purpose of favorable RESULTS. To be clear, the only results that matter are the ones that ENHANCE your life and others.

      You probably know people who talk about how they wish they could reduce or manage their stress better. We show you how to destroy stress. Some people say, "I wish I had more energy." With Mental Mind Force we create our own personal energy vortex and become energy magnets. Have you ever wondered why some people have so much energy? Have you ever imagined that you had special powers? Can you think about what it would be like if you could relax your mind and unlock all your potential? Walk the path and become the BEST person you can be with Mental Mind Force. 

      As you grow more and more EXCITED about these DVDs, realize how happy you will become when you watch them. When you want something like this, you get it, enjoy it, and become better. In the beginning of Mental Mind Force Volume 1, I talk about the difference between survival and quality survival. Survival is just being alive, while quality survival allows you to become better in all the important aspects of life. I call these important aspects "The Big Five." When you focus on "The Big Five" and have those elements aligned, you will feel true BLISS or ZEN. When you allow yourself to open up to all that is possible, your awareness will sharpen and you'll be able to notice things that other people miss. When you find yourself in this state of near paranormal sensory awareness the world opens up to you.

     Here's the disclaimer, if you are looking for a Hollywood production this is not it, there are no fancy camera work or special effects. This is a raw production that favors content over flash. I am not a polished actor and I tend to get really excited when talking about Mental Mind Force.  I deliver this message with passion because I am dedicated to this project and feel that it will help everyone it reaches.