How to be

an Energy Samurai

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How to be an Energy Samurai

     Barkevich has done it again, he has distilled the very best stories, philosophy, energy techniques, and condensed this information in 80 minutes.

     Are you ready to become an Energy Samurai? What is an Energy

Samurai? A Samurai, is a warrior who lives by a code. An Energy Samurai writes his own code, is in tune with nature, controls his emotions and harnesses the power of his emotions into chi energy. This powerful tool is often misused. See the right way to do it. On this DVD you'll see how to write your own personal code and become a living Energy Samurai. It's like giving you a map so you can clearly SEE what direction you are heading in. Because once you are consistently going in the right direction you'll find your personal chi flowing.

     Have you ever been curious and said, "What do I do next?"

We answer that question and it will enlighten you to the next

level of understanding of why we are here.

     What's holding you back? When do you think would be the best time to start? Yesterday would have been  the best time to start, but don't worry about the past, embrace the present and START NOW!