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Listen up…this is going to be good.

Watch them put down their cell phones and listen. You’ll grab their attention every time with this easy to remember, three step model that will instantly connect you to your audience.

Does it seem like people are more distracted than ever before? Have you ever given someone clear directions only to be frustrated with the result? Giving directions is sometimes not enough, especially when a person’s mind is wandering. But once you understand the way to break that hypnotic spell of cell phones, television, and shortened attention spans, your message will be clearly received.

In fact, the three step model was proven in the most challenging of environments…the public school system. We had a substitute teacher test this system in multiple high schools and each time instantly had the student’s attention. The experiment continued to have success when we expanded it to all grade levels and even on fellow teachers. If a substitute teacher can mesmerize a classroom of rowdy students, imagine how easy it will be for you to use it.

Like a firm handshake you will learn how to grab their attention and keep it. If you want people to hear what you are saying and really listen, then you are ready. Take action now and schedule a seminar to learn how.


How to get people to put down their cell phones and listen.